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Talking Music. Part 2: Notes, Scales and Chords

Once you know how to talk about where notes are in the bar it is also useful to understand the terminology surrounding what the notes are. One of the things I have found whilst teaching students about music theory, aural studies, and improvisation is that it is often difficult to engage with these concepts because of the sheer volume of new vocabulary. Continue reading

Two Types of Practice: Learning & Maintenance Practice.

Two Types of Practice

As musicians, it is important to recognise that we don’t have a lot of time. Between learning the new tunes for tonight’s corporate gig, memorising the latest song in your artistic project and doing life at the same time, there is not a lot of time to practice. Because of that, it is important to develop a strategies to use our time most effectively. The two types of practice exist so that we firstly maintain our current level of technical facility and musicianship and give ourselves the capacity to learn new things when more time becomes available. Continue reading

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